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About Puddled Glass Jewelry

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About Dichroic Glass
The jewelry is made of multiple layers of dichroic glass forged in a kiln. Originally, it was a product made for space exploration. Multiple layers of metallic oxides are applied to a base glass to coat the surface to the thickness of approximately 1/40th of a sheet of paper. The oxides are applied using an electron bombarder inside a vacuum chamber. Once the coating is finished, it is fired on to the glass. The angle of the glass within the vacuum chamber determines the color. In actuality, there is no color produced. What you are seeing is pure light manipulation at it finest. The result of this process is a glass that transmits one color and reflects another with incredible life and brilliance. In 1976, some aerospace workers recognized the art potential in this glass and introduced it to the glass a whopping $25.00 per square inch! Today, it’s a little better, with the sheets costing approximately $300.00 per square foot.

The Puddled Glass Jewelry company was created in 2013.  After taking just one class on the art of making dichroic glass cabachons (smoothed pendants), the corporate job went out the window, and I set out to create beautiful, unique and fun jewelry. I enjoy designing/creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind cabachons out of all types of dichroic glass and other fusible glass.


Because of the uniqueness of each cabachon pendant, my clients get jewelry they know they will never see anywhere else. 

Making the jewelry is a nine-step process.


  1. Choose the dichroic glass.

  2. Cut, piece and glue together into a 4x4 block.

  3. Place in kiln and fuse glass into one solid block.

  4. Take fused block of glass and stencil shapes.

  5. Use special saw to cut out shapes.

  6. Grind shapes for a smooth edge.

  7. Boil the shapes to remove grinding debris.

  8. Heat in kiln one more time to give shapes a smoothed, polished look.

  9. Glue on bails.

Puddled Glass Jewelry

Company Vision


Puddled Glass Jewelry strives to create stunningly beautiful, one-of-a-kind works of jewelry art. Your complete satisfaction on any piece of jewelry is the ultimate goal. I want you to wear your piece knowing that no one else has ever worn a piece like yours. You'll be surprised at all the people who walk up to you and tell you how beautiful it is. So get ready fo

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